Fall Guys Now Has a "Hard Mode"

If you’ve gotten used to Fall Guys Season 2 to the point that it’s starting to feel a bit too easy for you, you’ve now got a new way to test your skills and obtain some hard-earned Crowns now that the game has a “Hard Mode.” Developer Mediatonic added the Hard Mode option to the game as one of the new game shows players can take part in. It was inspired by a player within the Fall Guys community whose suggestion has now been implemented in the game for a limited time.

The always active Fall Guys Twitter account shared news of the newest game show option this week along with some details on what would be included in the playlist. The Hard Mode show consists of the game’s most difficult rounds and variations, the developer said. It was suggested by Fall Guys player SuperGDPro3 who pitched the idea in the game’s Discord, according to the tweet.

A full rundown of the levels included in the Hard Mode option wasn’t provided, but in a response to a question about that very topic, the person who came up with the idea for Hard Mode said it included every solo round with variations with the Hex-A-Gone and Jump Showdown levels added as the final rounds. However, some who replied to SuperGDPro3 said they’d played in the Hard Mode show and had gotten Fall Mountain as a final round, so the list may be slightly different after all than the summary provided by the user.


We’ve seen examples of these sorts of community collaborations between Fall Guys and the players in the past as well. earlier in the week, players got a new show in Fall Guys called “Star Show” that consisted of a number of different specialized levels. That mode was around for around four days while this new Hard Mode will be around for a bit longer before it’s removed and presumably replaced with another mode later.