Fall Guys Crossover Adds The Undertaker and More WWE Stars

Fall Guys owner Epic Games announced yet another innovative collaboration this week with the game of tiny stumbling beans now crossing over with the roster of WWE stars. Mediatonic and Epic Games are adding three new skins to the game modeled after the in-ring looks of Asuka, Xavier Woods, and The Undertaker. These skins are the main focus of the collab, but as we've come to expect from past announcements, we'll see more cosmetics like nameplates and other accessories added to the shop, too.

The three core skins can be seen below courtesy of the Fall Guys Twitter account which showed them off when the multi-game collaboration was announced. From left to right, the skins are for Asuka, Xavier Woods, and The Undertaker, though WWE fans probably don't need clarifying on those.

Over on the Fall Guys site, it was stated that the following skins would be available alongside a celebration and an emote. Prices weren't listed, and neither were the details related to the nameplates and anything else that's planned, but you can expect them to go for some premium costs given the nature of the crossover.

Fall Guys x WWE Cosmetics

  • Asuka Costume
  • Xavier Woods Costume
  • Undertaker Costume
  • The Bell Tolls Celebration
  • Francesca's Refrain Emote

Interestingly enough, it looks like we'll also see these skins and other cosmetics packed into bundles as well. Over on the Epic Games Store page where the big crossover was discussed, it was said that if you purchase the all-encompassing bundle which we'd assume comes with these three main skins, you'll get the emote and the celebration thrown in as well.

"The Fall Guys Summerslam Set has three costume bundles representing each Superstar in the Item Shop," the Epic Games Store page for this crossover said. "For those picking up the full bundle, you will receive an additional Xavier Woods Emote & Undertaker Victory Celebration."

The pricing and bundle contents related to these items are up in the air simply because the skins aren't yet available. They'll enter the Fall Guys shop at 5 a.m. ET on July 28th and will be available from then until August 1st, so be sure to grab them then before the weekend ends to make sure you don't miss out.