Fall Guys Pushes for Crossover with Fortnite

Over the last few days, Fall Guys has become the latest major success for the video game industry. As such, the multiplayer battle royale game already has fans brainstorming ideas for potential crossovers, including artist @Adrotito on Twitter. The artist posted an image of Fall Guys characters dressed in skins evoking Fortnite's Llama Loot Pinata, and Cuddle Team Leader. The image caught the attention of the official Fall Guys Twitter account, which shared it while asking Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney his thoughts on a potential collaboration with Fortnite. The image in question can be found in the Tweet below.

It's entirely possible that nothing will come of the above Tweet, but Fall Guys has dominated social media since its release, and reception to the game seems quite strong. If that initial success continues, it seems like collaborations and tie-in events will be inevitable. Since the game has only been available for a few days, fans might be waiting a bit to see any sort of crossover, but the prospect certainly sounds interesting!

At this time, it does not appear that Tim Seeley or the official Fortnite Twitter account have replied to the Tweet, at least not publicly. Of course, Epic Games seems all too willing to engage in collaborations with other properties. Fortnite has played host to tie-ins with properties such as John Wick, Star Wars, Avengers, and Aquaman, to name just a few. A Fall Guys collaboration would be in keeping with that tradition.

For now, fans of Fortnite and Fall Guys will just have to admire the crossover artwork and hope that something official comes in the future! At the moment, it seems that Devolver Digital and Mediatonic are more focused on making sure that the game's servers can accommodate the high-demand. However, once things have settled a bit, fans might see some focus on other aspects of the game.

Fall Guys is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.


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