This Crazy Fall Guys Video Demonstrates Why You Should Never Give Up

You should never give up in Fall Guys. Even when you're in last, your fortunes can quickly change. That's the beauty of Fall Guys. If the obstacles don't get your competitors, other competitors will get them. Even when things are looking dire, don't give up, because if a new viral video proves anything, it's that it's not over until your Fall Guy has fallen, or if you're on Yellow Team.

Since it released on PS4 and PC earlier this month, Fall Guys videos have taken over the Internet. Most of these videos have highlighted players with terrible luck, which makes this latest viral video refreshing and a perfect demonstration of the game's unpredictability.

If you've played any meaningful amount of Fall Guys, you'll know Perfect Match is the easiest level. Typically, only a handful of contestants are eliminated. Because even if you have a horrible short-term memory, you can always just jump onto the platform everyone else is jumping onto.

That said, sometimes things go terribly wrong on Perfect Math. All it takes is for a couple of players to get it wrong, and then a few more players to blindly follow, and you quickly have calamity that wipes out your entire party.

This is exactly what happens in the video below. Everyone guesses wrong, including the uploader of the video. However, the player is able to use this massive pile of dying players as a springboard to jump onto the correct platform. The result is a shiny new crown.

Why you should never give up in Fall Guys [GIF] from r/PS4

I didn't think it was possible to win a crown on Perfect Match, but hey, anything is possible in Fall Guys apparently.

Fall Guys is available via the PS4 and PC. If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you can grab the game on the former for free until September 5. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of the game coming to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, or any other platforms.


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