Fallout 4 GOTY Edition for Nintendo Switch Listed by Spanish Retailer

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 has resurfaced in an unexpected location with Nintendo Switch listing for a Game of the Year edition spotted on a retailer's site.

The listing for the game exists over at El Corte Inglés, a Spanish seller that has the Fallout 4 GOTY edition filed away under a Nintendo Switch category. If the supposed release is to be believed, it'll be a first for the Fallout series with a game releasing both through Nintendo and also in an on-the-go format that the Nintendo Switch offers.

Currently, the product listing that can be seen here doesn't have too much information to accompany it, the main missing parts being a price, box art, and a release date. But the fact that they aren't there is actually even more promising for the supposed rumor than simply seeing an unconfirmed listing. According to Go Nintendo, the listing had a price and a September release date listed previously, but those have since been removed.

Fallout 4 Nintendo Switch
(Photo: Go Nintendo)

The removal of the product information is an interesting move from the retailer, especially considering that the listing has already received some attention recently as players speculated on the Nintendo Switch release. It's not uncommon for retailers to slip up and accidently post an early listing for a game or simply file it under the wrong system, but the fact that the listing was acknowledged and changed – but not removed – may indicate that the Switch version is still on the way.

When listing slip-ups like these occur, it can sometimes take quite a bit of time before developers and retailers confirm whether or not a console is actually getting a game. But with the supposed release date that was listed for the Nintendo Switch version of Fallout 4, Sept. 26 according to the screenshot above, that doesn't leave too much time between now and that date for Bethesda to confirm whether or not the game is coming.


Nintendo Switch owners can still visit the retailer's site and click the "add to favorite" button to hope for a Switch release of Fallout 4, but the preorder button has since been greyed out and replaced by a "not available" indicator.