'Portal 2' Crashes the Wasteland With This 'Fallout 4' Mod

Mods are great and they give us a chance to mash up some of our favourite franchises into one amazing experience. The Fallout series? Loved. The Portal series? Also loved. With our powers combined we've got a pretty sweet mod that's easy to use and brings even more science into the wasteland (no lemons though, we hate lemons).

In case you haven't noticed, we love talking about mods here. They're not imperative to the gameplay experience but they do make replayability more enjoyable while also adding in a more personalized touch to any specific title. Plus, when you get the opportunity to bring Thomas the Tank Engine or Shrek into a game, you do it - no questions asked.


According to the mod's official description:

"Is it possible that Portal 2 takes place in a vault? Upon completion of Portal 2 do you remember the ending? MINDBLOWN! Sure it has a few plot holes but it's a fun idea to entertain."

The creator of this mod added, "P2 is one of my all time favorites so being able to bring that into F4 was a lot of fun for me. Figured if there were any other Portal fans out there maybe they'd like it too.

So no companion cubes or death-dealing AI maniacs, but there is a cool Pipboy - two in fact - and really, that's all that matters. If you were wanting even more Portal in the Wasteland, there's also this really awesome Portal Gun mod for Fallout 4 that you can download right here. "With each shot, the Institute Portal Gun conjures up one of two entangled mystical, magical portals! One is blue. The other? Orange. Use this gun to ascend to new heights, perform daring raids, and annoy settlers in endless loops. If you can figure out how to solve puzzles or perform testing with it in this game, well, good for you."


Have Portal Gun, will travel. And with that shiny new Pipboy, you really can't go wrong!


Have any games you're interested in playing (or replaying) that you'd like us to recommend some sweet mods for? Feel free to drop those titles in the comment section below and we'll get cracking!

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