Fallout 4: New Vegas Team Offers First Look at the Varmint Rifle

The amazingly creative team behind the incredible total conversion mod Fallout 4: New Vegas [...]

The amazingly creative team behind the incredible total conversion mod Fallout 4: New Vegas continues to make amazing progress on their ambitious fan project, each week filling those interested in on the journey to completion. This dedicated fan-driven project brings the best of Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas into the massive world of Fallout 4. But we're not the only ones impressed, Bethesda themselves have backed this project!

Now that it's a new week, and the latest sneak peek offered by the F4NV crew shows off the simpler side of the Wasteland with a first look at a 3D model of one of the in-game rifles: Varmint.

"Sometimes, you don't need to stop a charging Nightkin," began their most recent Facebook post. "Some folks in the Mojave have more mundane concerns to worry about, such as the threat of geckos encroaching on their home, or giant mantises taking up residence in their basement. When that happens, you don't need a minigun or a grenade launcher, just a simple rifle that gets the job done."

They added, "For this week's Featured Content Friday, one such simple solution is on display. By 3D team member Syn, we have the Varmint Rifle - a versatile, simple rifle available in both 5.56 and .22, that can quickly and easily put down the most common pests you can find throughout the Mojave Wasteland."

For those that might be new to this project, the team has been working hard on this project for years now working side by side with fans and Bethesda themselves to make sure this project is accurate, legal, and the perfect blend that fans have been hoping for.

Each week the creative team offers unique insights into their progress towards completion, and you can bet that radioactive butt of yours that we've got you covered! This is a project that we are very passionate about as well and we absolutely love all of the amazing updates from the team.

To learn more about the project that has been years in the making, check out their previous updates over on their site right here!

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