'Fallout 4: New Vegas' Team Is "Full Steam Ahead" With Their Latest Update

Though many of us are currently busy with Fallout 76, the team working hard on Fallout 4: New [...]

Though many of us are currently busy with Fallout 76, the team working hard on Fallout 4: New Vegas continue to make impressive headway towards completion. This total conversion mod that brings Fallout: New Vegas into Fallout 4 and the team behind this venture have just provided an update on progress as far scripting, common assets, and more goes.

According to the F4NW team's latest Facebook blog post, "The level design team has carried on full steam ahead with their work on the environs of the greater Mojave Wasteland. As our work spreads outwards, efforts have been continuing on many of the industrial facilities around the world. These areas provide a unique stylistic challenge in their vast difference from the factories and warehouses found in Fallout 4, and as such working on several such locations simultaneously allows us to better pool the talents of our level designers so as to create a more cohesive feel to the environments found in F4NV."

They added, "[Our] assets team has also continued in their ongoing quest to populate the Mojave's environments with smaller common assets. With our level design team's efforts continued to be directed towards more mundane environments currently, this allows the addition of assets to happen alongside work on those locations, ultimately saving us time in the future by avoiding unnecessary second passes on locations to adjust newly added assets in relation to the placeholders that may have been used previously - these placeholders, while infinitely helpful for helping to get environments mapped out and in a semi-finalized state for passes by our quest team, require a secondary pass once the asset they represent is added to the game. Since the placeholders often have dimensions distinct from the asset they're meant to represent, tweaking their placement or alignment is almost always needed."

The questing and scripting team is also hard at work, though the biggest is expanding upon what New Vegas had to offer and making it even bigger using the Fallout 4 engine. "Headway has been made in expanding our implementation of Fallout: New Vegas systems in the Fallout 4 Creation Engine, which allows us both to continue to implement legacy assets and gameplay mechanics in a more comprehensive manner, but also allows us to add upon these systems in meaningful ways to give players more gameplay options in F4NV."

For those that might be new to this project, the team has been working hard on this project for years now working side by side with fans and Bethesda themselves to make sure this project is accurate, legal, and the perfect blend that fans have been hoping for.

Each week the creative team offers unique insights into their progress towards completion, and you can bet that radioactive butt of yours that we've got you covered! This is a project that we are very passionate about as well and we absolutely love all of the amazing updates from the team.

The incredibly ambitious fan project Fallout 4: New Vegas blends the best of both worlds into one passionate gaming venture. We've been following our friends on this endeavor for awhile now, and their ambitious fan-project continues to impress with each new update. The team has done a fantastic job at keeping those interested in this ambitious project tuned into its progress, and you can learn even more by visiting their official website linked below!

To learn more about the project that has been years in the making, check out their previous updates over on their site right here!

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