Fallout 76 Is Adding Another Battle Royale Map Soon

Fallout 76 players who’ve been battling for the title of Overseer in the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode will get a chance to play on a new map soon. Patch 13 will add the Morgantown map to Nuclear Winter, Bethesda announced on Friday, where players will find themselves in an urban setting filled with other players and third-party threats. It’s unclear at the time whether players will be able to pick between the maps.

News of the Morgantown map coming to Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter first circulated around QuakeCon when Bethesda announced it would be adding the map at a later date. A post shared on Friday confirmed that the map would be released as part of Patch 13, the same patch that’s supposed to be fixing some problems like disappointing Vault 94 rewards.

This patch doesn’t yet have a release date, so the map will get here when it gets here, but we at least know more about what it’ll be like to fight in Morgantown. The map features an urban setting filled with buildings and other obstacles to navigate and use to your advantage while outrunning the flames on the outskirts of the town. Steep cliffs and “a large body of water” will also be found throughout the map with perks available to help players traverse these different points of interest easier.

Other players aren’t the only threats that’ll be encountered in Morgantown. The map will also feature AI threats like radscorpions as well as some Assaultrons that’ll open fire on everyone to show players how it’s done.


“While scanning the Morgantown region to assess its viability for testing, I discovered a small enclave of inactive RobCo Assaultrons from before the Great War,” the ZAX transmission said. “I have reactivated these Assaultrons and unleashed them on the Morgantown region to provide an example for Candidates of the speed and effectiveness with which Overseers should eliminate their enemies. Lucky Candidates may have a chance to watch the Assaultrons perform in combat, though I suggest doing so from a safe distance. I have not disabled the Assaultrons’ hostile functionality, and they will not hesitate to attack you.”

Fallout 76’s Morgantown map will be released in Patch 13, so look for more details on the map and how it’ll work closer to the time the update releases.