Fallout 76 Brings Back Aliens for a Limited Time

Aliens will soon descend upon Fallout 76 once more with Bethesda announcing this week the return of the Invaders from Beyond event that's scheduled to start soon. It'll get underway on October 4th, Bethesda said, with these aliens sticking around from then until October 18th as players encounter them both in and outside of the boundaries of the seasonal event. Once that event concludes, another will follow it after as dictated by the latest community calendar.

The return of this Invaders from Beyond event was announced recently whenever the calendar in question was shared in an Inside the Vault post, but for those who may have missed the news or needed a refresher, Bethesda shared more details in this week's post.

"Every hour at the top of the hour, an alien mothership will warp in above one of six landmarks in Appalachia to deploy brainwave siphons and a horde of space-faring warriors," Bethesda said. "Destroy each siphon and take down alien leaders one-by-one to secure that landmark—and our brainwaves—from the otherworldly interlopers. When you do, you will receive some loot, XP, and a chance to earn alien-themed weaponry and C.A.M.P. items."

All of this will kick off at 12 p.m. ET on October 4th, Bethesda said. The Fallout 76 creator also cautioned players to keep a lookout for aliens beyond the ones seen in the event itself while hinting that "visitors" may show up during public events and other activities.

For those who enjoy this alien-themed event, it'll be nice to have it back during a time when it's actually supposed to be here. A couple of months ago, the alien event did come back to Fallout 76, but not because it was part of Bethesda's original plans. The Meat Week event was supposed to be going on, but it was pretty busted, so Bethesda swapped Super Mutant Graham out for some aliens. Meat Week eventually got back on course several weeks later, and now that we're approaching spooky season, Invaders from Beyond is back, too.

Fallout 76's Invaders from Beyond event will begin on October 4th and will then run for the next two weeks afterwards until October 18th.