Fallout 76 Brings Back Meat Week

Grahm's Meat Cooks have returned to Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 has brought back a popular in-game event Meat Week for the ninth time since its debut in 2019, allowing players going through their Wasteland adventures to acquire some rewards for helping Grahm host successful cookouts, including some rare plans to purchase from the typically mobile vendor. The first Spring edition of Meat Week is active now and runs through June 4th at noon ET, and this event is always the best chance at having access to the super-mutant. Everyone playing Fallout 76 is invited, so if you're curious how you can secure the rewards for the newest Meat Week, check out the steps below. It's fairly straight-forward, as always:

You're Invited to Grahm's Meat Cook!

Two seasonal events are available during Meat Week – Primal Cuts and Grahm's Meat Cook. Primal Cuts occur every 15 minutes and can pop up in any region of the map, with each region designed by Grahm to draw out the "most delicious wildlife." Bang the drum left by Grahm to initiate an attack by four waves of creatures – the first two waves offer fairly simple creatures to face, with wave three taking it up a notch to prepare for wave four, which will have players face-off against a boss enemy in order to collect the Prime Meat Grahm needs for the cookout.

The locations for the Primal Cuts events and their corresponding difficulties and Prime Meat amounts follows:

  • The Forest (Easy): 3
  • Toxic Valley (Easy): 3
  • Ash Heap (Medium): 4
  • Savage Divide (Medium): 4
  • Cranberry Bog (Hard): 5
  • The Mire (Hard): 5

You can find Grahm near Vault 76, though you can also fast travel to the event as it's public. At the top of every hour, Grahm's Meat Cook starts and the super-mutant gets to work on the meats. This is where you'll hand in that sweet Prime Meat you've collected in stacks, with each stack containing five Prime Meats. Players can turn in up to three stacks at the fire pit during each Meat Cook, earning different effects depending on the amount of stacks handed in that last for 15-minutes.

Helping Grahm Be a Good Host

Not only are you responsible for providing meat for Grahm's Meat Cook, you've also got to help him keep his prime barbeque running smoothly, which involves a variety of tasks to handle in order to fill the event's progress bar and fall into one of the rewards tiers – with some of these tasks draining the progress bar if they go uncompleted. Tasks around the Meat Cook include:

  • Donate Chally's Feed
  • Hand in Wood Scraps
  • Collect and Deposit Greens
  • Collect and Deposit Critter Chunks
  • Play an Instrument
  • Turn The Cooking Spits
  • Clean Up Rotten Leftovers
  • Extinguish Bush Fires
  • Hand in 5 Wood Scraps

As mentioned, there's a great variety of rewards available for completing the event, including some fantastic items to give your C.A.M.P. some vintage flair. The list of plans rewarded for completing the Meat Cooks include:

The various parts to create a full fossilized Megalonyx:

  • Fossilized Megalonyx Torso
  • Fossilized Megalonyx Left Arm
  • Fossilized Megalonyx Left Leg
  • Fossilized Megalonyx Right Arm
  • Fossilized Megalonyx Right Leg
  • Megalonyx Display Rack
  • Fossilized Megalonyx Skull

A variety of "meat cute" plushies:

  • Ground Meat Plushie
  • Rotted Ground Meat Plushie
  • Rib Plushie
  • Steak Plushie
  • Rotted Rib Plushie
  • Rotted Steak Plushie

Plus, there's also the Weenie Wagon plans, which allow players to build a 3-in-1 meat grinder, hot dog stand, and canner. You can check out images on the official Bethesda post for Fallout 76's ninth Meat Week.

See you all at Grahm's Meat Cook until June 4th!