'Fallout 76' Player Puts in Over 900 Hours, Gets Banned For Having Too Much Ammo

Imagine putting hundreds of hours into a game that you genuinely enjoy playing only to have the developer ban you for having too much ammo. That's apparently what happened to one Fallout 76 player who has spent over 900 hours in the West Virginia wasteland.

Reddit user Glorf12 recently took to the Fallout 76 subreddit to detail the situation. After applying the Bandolier perk card, which reduces ammo weights by 90%, they were off to the races collecting every round they could get their hands on. Once they realized that 5mm ammo does eventually weigh you down, they decided to drop it off "in a suitcase in Watoga Train Station" for other players.

After acquiring so much ammo, however, they began to start trading between their main and secondary accounts. "Given the sheer amount of time I have spent playing I have legitimately collected ludicrous amounts of ammo," they said.

The amount of ammo that the Fallout 76 player collected is unfortunately why Bethesda chose to ban them. In an email, which can be found right here, Bethesda Customer Support informed the player of the violation and that they would be banned until the next patch. In a follow up email, the studio detailed the infraction - having too much ammo.

Fallout 76 Bethesda Ban Too Much Ammo
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"I cannot be more adamant that I have never once owned an item in excess of 100,000 and I believe I have been banned due to others reporting me," Glorf12 said. "I often use 2 accounts to transfer items between my characters. I even detail it in the comments of the above reddit post how and why I do this. My belief is that people see a level 450+ player trading with a level 2 character and immediately think REPORT HIM REPORT HIM REPORT HIM. I even get some players who harass me when I'm attempting to trade items."

The post they mention that outlines their process can be found right here. One of the devs even responded to it, saying, "This is awesome, thanks for sharing your insights with the rest of the community and helping other players out."

The Fallout 76 player also mentions a theory that the system might keep a total tally of things one picks up, and not where they get it from or if they drop it. If this is the case, there's a good chance they collected that much ammo in their 900 plus hours. Either way, getting banned for playing a game legitimately is never fun.


What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe the player should have been banned, or did Bethesda make a mistake? Let us know in the comment section below!