Fallout 76 Will Introduce a Revenge Mechanic and More

While Fallout 76 is going to be an online experience, there will be a lot for single players to [...]

Fallout 76

While Fallout 76 is going to be an online experience, there will be a lot for single players to do. And this includes possibly getting a little bit of revenge.

While speaking with Variety, Bethesda's Pete Hines talked about how you can actually use the "revenge" mechanic to your advantage. "It is important to note this is not just a full on PVP game," he explained. "Where you get in the world and everyone shoots everyone. It's more like a challenge to another player. You can't just let things go unfettered. You don't get all your shit looted if they kill you. There is a revenge thing you can opt into and try to go head-to-head."

That doesn't mean the game will lean too much on previous mechanics though. "All of the experience that everyone has shared has been over the water-cooler," Hines continued. "It hasn't been, 'We were in the game and did this thing together.' You can build together together, but it can also be, 'I don't want to build, I want to do squads with my friends.' Then go do that."

And don't think that the game is going to go overboard with its online approach. "This is not an MMO and this is not a battle royale," he added. "It's supposed to feel like they just left the vault."

In another part of the interview, he noted, "I think some people get it and and some absolutely do not. They think it's straight up PVP. They think it's running around and shooting folk or that you can't play by yourself, or that nukes are going off every minute or that you can grief people. They are judging it based on other things that say 'online' or 'post apocalyptic."

"The whole theme of this game is that you emerge and the world is a blank canvas. It's your job to rebuild the world and everything that means."

Finally, if you don't want to build, you don't necessarily have to. "If you want to be nomadic and never puts roots in one place you can totally do that," he said. "You will find workshops, you can trade or not trade. Its entirely up to you."

Fallout 76 will release on November 14 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.