Next Fallout 76 Update Will Prep for Brotherhood of Steel Content

Fallout 76’s next update is coming soon, and though it’s a light one in terms of what’ll be added, it’ll help pave the way for some highly-anticipated content: The full return of the Brotherhood of Steel. That update is scheduled to arrive for all platforms on October 13th and will consist mostly of bugfixes and new items with the Brotherhood of Steel work being “behind-the-scenes groundwork,” so players won’t see the full effects of that update right away.

Bethesda shared the latest on Fallout 76 in the game’s most recent Inside the Vault post that set the date for the next update. While the Brotherhood of Dawn wasn’t explicitly mentioned, it was said that the next update will help lay the groundwork for the larger Steel Dawn update which players may recall was moved to Winter 2020. The Fractured Steel update previously listed on the roadmap has since been rolled into the Steel Dawn update which means Steel Dawn is the one to keep an eye on if you’re waiting for the Brotherhood of Steel to return.

“Next Tuesday, October 13, we’re planning to release a new update that will address a number of bugs, including several community-reported issues, bring festive new items to the Atomic Shop, and lay some behind-the-scenes groundwork for our Steel Dawn Update, which is currently slated for later this year,” Bethesda said. “Next week’s patch will be smaller than some of our previous releases in 2020. However, we still have our heads down, working full-steam-ahead on new story quests, features (like C.A.M.P. Shelters), adjustments for Hunger and Thirst mechanics, and a variety of other improvements that are coming with the Steel Dawn Update.”


As for previews of what’s to come in the Steel Dawn update, Bethesda isn’t ready to share anymore on that just yet. However, we’ll see more about the content as we get closer to its Winter 2020 release date. Fallout 76 players on the PC have been able to utilize the test servers lately to preview new content before it’s added, so it’s likely that they’ll get a shot at the Brotherhood of Steel quests and content first before it’s fully added to the game.