Fallout Producer Teases the New TV Show

There’s a Fallout TV series in the works over at Amazon, though you’d be forgiven for not [...]

There's a Fallout TV series in the works over at Amazon, though you'd be forgiven for not knowing or remembering that since we haven't seen much on the show since its announcement over a year ago. It's being created by Lucy Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the duo known best for the creation of Westworld, and during some recent interviews, the former shared some brief insights into the Fallout series and her vision for the upcoming show.

Joy spoke to Collider recently about Reminiscence, a new movie starring Hugh Jackman which serves as Joy's directorial debut. When asked about the Fallout show during part of that conversation, she said it would be unlike anything anyone's ever seen before.

"It is just a gonzo, crazy, funny, adventure, and mindfuck like none you've ever seen before," Joy said. "It's pretty cool."

Joy offered similar comments when speaking to BroBible about the Fallout show. The word "gonzo" came up once more as well as "irreverent and mad and humorous" to give some ideas about the types of tones that the creators are looking to strike with the Fallout show.

"We're producing it for these two brilliant writers and the world that they are making is so gonzo and so fucking crazy," Joy said. "It's just ridiculously baller and I can't wait. It's totally irreverent and mad and humorous and just insane. It's just insane."

"Funny" and "humorous" probably aren't the very first words that come to mind when someone thinks of the Fallout series, but those who've stuck around it for a while – especially in the games from Fallout 3 onward – will know all too well the sense of humor the game embodies. The games are dismal and bleak with deadpan humor mixed with people being thrown into unexpected situations. The "Wild Wasteland" trait in Fallout: New Vegas with all its special encounters is an example of this. Even though it mostly consists of references to other TV shows and movies, it creates plenty of head-turning moments that happen so quick you'll miss them if you're not paying attention.

No release plans for the Fallout TV series at Amazon have been announced yet, so teasers and previews like these from Joy will have to suffice until we learn more.