'Fallout' Tiki Mugs Are Part of Your Dream Vault Vacation

The world has gone all to hell, but you could be sipping on a Nuka-Cola cocktail in an simulated paradise by Christmas.

These Vault-Tec approved Fallout Geeki Tikis come in a set of four that includes Deathclaw, Dogmeat, Power Armor, and Vault Boy. Just look at the Vault Boy mug giving you a thumbs up. Keep on drinking buddy - everything's totally fine.

(Photo: ThinkGeek)

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If this sounds like the perfect way for you to unwind after a long day it the wasteland, you can pre-order the Fallout set here for shipment in late November. They would make for a pretty awesome Christmas gift in my opinion. Just remember - you have options when it comes to nerdy tiki mugs. Other Geeki Tiki mug sets include:


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