Family Guy Airing Special Warcraft Episode on Sunday

Family Guy will be airing a special Warcraft-themed episode on Sunday, April 1. We know that [...]

Family Guy will be airing a special Warcraft-themed episode on Sunday, April 1. We know that sounds strange, and we are well-aware that many strange and fake events will be teased on April 1 (April Fool's Day), but this was at least teased well in advance by the official Family Guy Twitter account:

Given the Leeroy Jenkins shoutout we're assuming that this will be a World of Warcraft focus specifically, as opposed to Warcraft generally, but that has yet to be confirmed. In fact, we really don't know anything else about the episode. The folks at GameInformer were clever enough to check out the IMDB description, which actually doesn't mention Warcraft at all. The brief synopsis reads:

"Peter and the guys get caught pretending to be military veterans and are sentenced to join the Coast Guard." How on earth that could possible lead into a Warcraft or World of Warcraft tie-in is beyond us. The image in the teaser tweet features both Stewie and Peter as a paladin and orc respectively, so we assume that both of them will end up with avatars in the game.

If we had to guess, Peter will be stuck in the Coast Guard, bored and with nothing to do, and that's how he starts playing World of Warcraft. Stewie, bored at home, will also start playing the game, and the two will end up in rival factions. This could lead to an in-game rivalry between Stewie's paladin and Peter's Orc, without either of them realizing who's in control of each avatar.

Seth MacFarlane will have some pretty big expectations to live up to. We all remember the South Park World of Warcraft cross-over episode, which aired years ago to critical and fan acclaim. Can Family Guy live up to the hype and deliver its own instant classic? We'll find out on Sunday!