Far Cry 5 Is The Best-Selling Ubisoft Game This Generation

far cry 5
(Photo: Ubisoft)

When Far Cry 5 released onto PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018, it did so to some middling reviews and quite a bit of controversy. That said, it seems the former had a minimal negative affect on the game's sales, while the latter probably had a substantial positive impact. During its recent earnings call, Ubisoft revealed that Far Cry 5 is its best-selling game this generation. That's right, it's best-selling game this entire generation. It has sold more copies than Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs, or any Assassin's Creed game. That's very impressive, especially for a game not even considered the best in its series.

How many copies the game has sold exactly, hasn't been divulged by Ubisoft, but surely it's a boatload and a half. Ubisoft has some big sellers, and while Far Cry has always been a strong seller and a favorite among critics, it's never been known as Ubisoft's marquee franchise, but maybe that is changing.

I personally didn't really like Far Cry 5, especially compared to Far Cry 3 and even Far Cry 4. That said, clearly a lot of people liked the game, including our reviewer, who had the following to say last year about the game:

"Previous entries in the Far Cry series have taken us pretty much all over the world, discovering lush, tropical locales while eliminating enemy forces and engaging in some overwhelming situations. And it’s also taken us to the past with Far Cry Primal, as well as the future with the criminally underrated Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.


"But Far Cry 5 is here, and probably hits the hardest, not only because it comes at a time when America has enough confusion with what’s happening, but also because it’s so fully loaded. And it keeps the insane action coming, even while most of its storyline remains grounded and in some ways, pretty terrifying. But that’s what drives you to keep going, if only to see what all Hope County has to offer."

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