Far Cry 5 Has at Least Two Stephen King's IT Easter Eggs

There are tons of easter eggs in the latest Far Cry title from Ubisoft and as we play through the [...]


There are tons of easter eggs in the latest Far Cry title from Ubisoft and as we play through the tumultuous lands of Hope County, Montana, we can't help but to stop and marvel at all of the little nods to pop culture. Ubisoft is no stranger to hiding little treasures for players to find, they even have an easter egg making fun of how hard it is to make a Far Cry game, but for horror fans - the Stephen King 'IT' find takes the cake.

If you hhead down into the crop circle found in John's region, there's a sewer pipe with Pennywise's iconic red balloon tied to the grate. For those that don't particularly like clowns, no fear - there's not actually a Pennywise hiding in the sewer, just a harmless (yet taunting) nod to the classic film.


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That's not the only Stephen King nod, however. If you head to the O'Hara Haunted House in Faith's region, there's yet another red balloon that is attached to a note titled "Clown Thoughts." Check out what it says below:

You have the fear of god you need the of THE DEVIL you need to FEAR IT

You take a young person and take their body and mind

you use their empty corpses to find more young people whose bodies you can steal no no NO no no

you will wish your mind was scooped out of your body because when IT is through with your bodies YOU WON'T WANT THEM ANYMORE.

With how much detail went into Far Cry 5, we wouldn't be surprised if we stumbled on even more IT references. With the reboot having recently released, the terrifying clown is back on everyone's minds. It's definitely not the only pop culture reference found in the game, however, and we'd love to hear what else you may have found in your wanderings! Sound off with your found easter eggs in the comment section below!

Far Cry 5 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can check out a small blurb from our full review below:

While the idea of battling a cult may not sound like the best video game idea, Far Cry 5 wraps it into an experience that's easily the best in the series to date. And that's including Blood Dragonand its amazing laser dinosaurs. I mean, how do you beat laser dinosaurs? With an on-fire bear named Cheezburger, obviously.

So should you get it? As John Seed would say, "yes."