‘Far Cry: New Dawn’ Story Details, Gameplay Features Revealed

Earlier today, we reported on a new trailer for Far Cry: New Dawn that featured the return of a [...]

Earlier today, we reported on a new trailer for Far Cry: New Dawn that featured the return of a new face, and also hinted at some new gameplay from the forthcoming spin-off. But now Ubisoft is really digging deep, providing more backstory about the game, as well as some other features that will prove useful as you fight against the Twins and their dreaded Highwaymen.

The game takes place 17 years after the events that unfolded in Far Cry 5, with nuclear fallout having wrecked Hope County. It's since been rebuilt, with a settler named Thomas Rush attempting to rebuild its settlements. You serve as his captain of security, but soon find your hands full with the Twins, Mickey and Lou, show up to wreak havoc and try to take control of your followers.

As a result, you're forced to settle in a place called Prosperity and attempt to rebuild and regroup with several members of your team, though the open-world environment allows you to take on missions however you please, including Guns For Hire and Fangs For Hire. With these, you can acquire a few new allies to your group, like Nana and Bean; as well as returning favorites, such as Nick Rye and Hurk.

That warthog, Horatio, leads the pack of animal allies you can make within the game; along with Timber, an Akita that will serve by your side once you earn its loyalty.

By finding items and rescuing others, you'll receive more assistance from these folks and open up Prosperity more, including fast-travel options and access to their abilities, which will help you open up the world even more.

There are also Expeditions, which let you explore huge, self-contained locations, including a beached aircraft carrier and the ruins that used to be Navajo Bridge. By doing this, you'll be able to pick up special packages and do even more damage to the Highwaymen.

Crafting allows you to make items, though you'll need to get materials. And then there's the part of the game, where you'll run across Joseph Seed and what remains of Eden's Gate, which is now reborn as New Eden.

New Dawn is expected to be much more exciting than what Far Cry 5 offered, and we're all in for it. You can also watch the trailer above to see how these features look!

Far Cry: New Dawn releases on February 15 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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