FAR: Lone Sails Gets a Release Date and a New Atmospheric Trailer

Developer Okomotive and publisher Mixtvision have announced that their atmospheric, [...]

Developer Okomotive and publisher Mixtvision have announced that their atmospheric, post-apocalyptic vehicle adventure game, FAR: Lone Sails, is sailing its way to storefronts on May 17th. The initial release will be for PC and Mac, however, the game is also slated to arrive sometime later this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

To celebrate the announcement, the pair also released a brand-new trailer that shows of the game's oozing atmosphere, and a world that looks equally peaceful as it is dismaying.

In the game you play as a tiny little humanoid traveling across a seemingly endless dried-up sea, littered with the remains of a once vibrant seafaring civilization. The game's world is both largely devoid of any life, but also filled with places to explore and left-behind history to unearth.

An ocean once teeming with life now is a submarine and warship graveyard. Meanwhile, bustling island settlements are nothing more than ruins. But within this destruction lies secrets and insight, as well salvage you will need to continue your journey.

But as you journey through this forgotten world, you will also need to maintain your train-like vehicle with fuel, upgrades, and maintenance in order to overcome the many natural hazards and obstacles you will come upon. And that's about it, gameplay wise at least. The developer boasts that the game is "a zombie-free post-apocalypse," meaning no violence, gore or death – just "you and your machine vs. the big nothing."

Personally, I'm loving everything I've seen of this game so far. Humbly from a team no bigger than six, FAR: Lone Sails packs some serious Inside vibes. The visuals are unique and alluring, the music sounds captivating, and the gameplay looks a like nice mix of task and respite.

However, this will notably be Okomotive's first game shipped since it was founded in 2017. So, that may be something to keep in mind as you set your expectations. But going off the game's newest trailer, I'd say the Swiss studio knows what it is doing and then some.

It is currently unclear how much FAR: Lone Sails will cost when it launches, but expect a budget-friendly price.