FIFA 22 and NBA 2K22 Game-Breaking Bugs Are Crashing Xbox Consoles

Xbox gamers have started to encounter a game-breaking bug in FIFA 22, which is apparently causing the entire system to crash. When the system restarts, the console states that the problem is a ventilation issue. The official Xbox Support Twitter account has addressed the issue, stating that the team is looking into solutions to the problem. However, some players are citing additional games that are forcing the system to shut down, namely Madden NFL 22, and NBA 2K22. At this time, it's unclear if all of these issues are related, but it's easy to see why this would be cause for concern for some players!

"Teams are continuing to investigate reports of consoles powering off or quitting to home while playing NBA 2K22. Please watch for news here or at," the company stated on Twitter

The message that results from these crashes gives players advice on how to avoid similar ventilation issues, but players are saying that it's happening even when the vent is completely clear of any potential obstructions. Clearly, this is not a problem on the part of the individual users, but some kind of problem that's being caused by the software itself. Unfortunately, there's also no way of knowing how common the issue is, or if it's happening to specific Xbox consoles more frequently than others. The fact that Xbox is directly addressing the issue on Twitter would seem to imply that a lot of players are encountering this bug, at least in FIFA 22, but there's simply no way of knowing for sure.

It's easy to see why this would lead to a lot of frustration for players! There's nothing more disappointing for a player than losing in a game when it isn't their fault. The fact that Xbox has directly addressed the issue bodes well for a fix, but it's impossible to say for certain when it might happen. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon and players will be able to enjoy these games without any further difficulties!

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[H/T: Dexerto]