Final Fantasy 16 Reveals New Trailer

Publisher Square Enix has today revealed a new trailer for its 2023 RPG Final Fantasy XVI. Over the course of the past few months, Square has slowly been unveiling new details and footage from the next mainline entry in the Final Fantasy franchise. And while the game's release is still somewhat far away, today's new trailer is filled with new glimpses that should tide fans over just a bit. 

The latest video for Final Fantasy XVI that has been released is entitled "Ambition" and lasts a staggering four-and-a-half minutes in total. Much of this trailer helps to further establish the world, story, and characters that will be present in the game, which means that snippets of many cutscenes are shown off. Near the conclusion of the video, though, a handful of combat sequences are highlighted which better showcase the abilities and powers that players will be able to take advantage of. 

You can watch this new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI in full via the tweet attached below:

Even though Final Fantasy XVI might be a highly-anticipated title for many, it's by no means the only Final Fantasy game that Square Enix has in the works. Additionally, the second installment in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy, titled Rebirth, is set to launch "next winter." And in the near term, the new remaster Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will be releasing later this year in December. In short, Final Fantasy fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming year as the series has definitely entered a renaissance. 

Currently, Final Fantasy XVI doesn't have a specific release date, but it's poised to launch at some point in summer 2023. When it does arrive, it will be exclusive to PlayStation 5. A PC version of the game also seems likely to come about as well, but Square Enix has yet to officially announce a release for this platform. 

What do you think about Final Fantasy XVI based on what we've seen of the game in this new trailer? Will you be looking to pick the title up for yourself when it does launch? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.