Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 3 Title Teased

The director of Final Fantasy VII Remake and its upcoming sequel Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has teased what the third installment in the series will be titled. Within the past month, Square Enix confirmed that its new retelling of Final Fantasy VII would take the form of a trilogy when fully completed. And while there's still essentially nothing that we know about the third installment in this arc, we now have a good idea of what to expect from the name of the game. 

In a new conversation with Dengeki Online, Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that the third entry in the series will follow the same naming convention seen with Remake and Rebirth. Essentially, this means that the game's subtitle will end up being something that starts with "Re" at the beginning. Nomura provided no further teases of what the name of Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 would actually be, but he did say that the reason for this decision is so that the series as a whole has a feeling of unification. 

"From the beginning, there was no plan to use such a title format," Nomura said of the Final Fantasy VII Part 2 name that fans had used as shorthand in recent years. "I had decided from the beginning to give it a name that would change the 'Remake' part. [...] I would like to unify the hashtags and abbreviations of the works [in] the remake project to FFVIIR, so I think that the third game will also have 'R.'"

In short, this naming convention is one that many fans assumed would continue into Part 3 after the title of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was announced. Still, it's good to see Nomura confirm that this will be the case moving forward and will surely allow fans to start guessing right now about what the final chapter in the saga will be called. 

Even though we likely won't hear anything else about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 for a very long time, the next entry in the series, Rebirth, is poised to launch at some point in winter 2023. Whenever the game does release, it will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 5.