Final Fantasy 7 Remake May Be Coming to PC

In just a few short months, Final Fantasy VII Remake will make its long-anticipated debut on PlayStation 4. However, it would appear that the game just might arrive on another platform, as well! Across social media, the now-infamous leaked demo for the game has been dissected, and a treasure trove of new details have surfaced, as a result. The latest hints at a possible port coming to PC. Dataminer @roXyPS3 has apparently discovered PC code inside the demo, as well as resolution options that are greater than the PS4's capabilities. At this time, the game is slated to be a timed exclusive for Sony's platform.

It's not unsurprising to see Square Enix looking to port the game to PC. After all, the franchise has seen a number of entries release on PC, and the version of Final Fantasy VII currently available on PlayStation 4 is actually based on the PC version, rather than the PS1 release. It's certainly keeping with tradition, in that regard! It will be interesting to see, however, if the game ends up slated to appear on other platforms after Sony's exclusivity contract ends, such as Xbox One.

It's interesting to see Square Enix so silent on the demo since its release. Over the last few days, the story has become quite large in the gaming community, and a number of story details have been spoiled, as a result. While the company likely will not be able to put that genie back into the bottle, that hasn't stopped The Pokemon Company from pursuing legal action against the original leakers that revealed details about Pokemon Sword and Shield before release. The company argued in court documents that the leak caused financial damage. A case could certainly be made that the news about an impending port could hurt Sony's exclusive contract for the game, should players choose to avoid the PS4 release, as a result. Time will certainly tell!


Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on PlayStation 4 March 3rd, 2020, and Sony's exclusivity contract will last for one year. Are you planning on picking up the game? Do you plan on waiting for a release on other platforms? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!