You Don't Need to Play Final Fantasy 7 to Play Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Let’s get this out of the way: You don’t need to play Final Fantasy VII to play the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Now, that doesn’t mean that revisiting the original before or after your journey through the 40 hours of FF7R might not be a good idea. It merely means that completing or playing the original is not a prerequisite to enjoy Square Enix’s latest adventure. Chances are if you play video games or have been around gaming culture for a while, you’ve already heard some things about it. (Some details are more earth-shattering than others) The nature of the Remake is one that both recontextualizes the story of the original game, and one that provides a fresh entry point that will please long-time players.

We live in an age of remakes, reimaginings, and reboots. So, it comes as no shock that most players of the Remake will have come into contact with the concept before. Well, for a huge segment of the fanbase, they were expecting a straight up and down remake of the seminal title. Let’s just start out and say that there were some clues that things would be a little different this time once it was announced that the battle system would be changed. Right there from jump street, you can tell “we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

New players shouldn’t fear the barriers to entry that giant franchises like this carry with them. In fact, the Remake does well to actually draw newcomers in with the way that main characters like Barret, Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith get fleshed out. Everybody has an added layer of depth to them in this iteration that would have been hard to muster in the original version. Also, by sectioning off this initial portion of the first game, the Remake takes the time to create an even more engrossing world for the player to nose around in.


No one can ever take away the memories associated with the original Final Fantasy VII. But, this is a new adventure and first-timers shouldn’t be daunted by all the established structure. This isn’t the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy or Spyro: Reignited. Something much stranger and possibly more wonderful is going on with the FFVII Remake. Think more along the lines of the success Pokemon Let’s Go games.Even if you feel like you missed the boat the first time around, that is no reason to not go on the journey we’re all going to be on together with Final Fantasy VII this time.

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