Final Fantasy Set To Get An Attraction At Universal Studios Japan


As if the theme park getting a huge Nintendo world wasn't cool enough, Universal Studios Japan is about to get a big boost from yet another big gaming franchise – Final Fantasy.

The company has been hosting a special "Universal Cool Japan" series for the past couple of years, with guests checking out special shows, movies and more based on certain series, and next year, it will be continuing this series with Square Enix's franchise, as well as the hit anime series Sailor Moon, according to SiliconEra.

Even though Final Fantasy is following some big acts, like Godzilla and Attack On Titan, it'll certainly have a great deal of flair when it debuts in the park on January 19th, followed by Sailor Moon later in the spring. In addition, Universal has also confirmed the return of the Monster Hunter franchise for the series, as well as Detective Conan.

So, no, it's not a permanent exhibit like what the Nintendo thing will eventually be, but it's great to see Universal Studios Japan call upon some popular gaming franchises to bring in the tourists – and it kind of makes us wonder why the U.S. Universal Studios parks aren't doing the same thing. Heck, we'd go just to ride along with the guys from Final Fantasy XV in their iconic car.

The events are scheduled to run from January 19th through June 24th, 2018, so there will be plenty of time to go and enjoy the different exhibits that will be available. We're not sure specifically what Universal has in mind for Fantasy, but it'll no doubt be a lot of fun. Hopefully, we'll see some Chocobos running around the park or something.


If you need to fulfill your Final Fantasy fix, you can check out Final Fantasy XV now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and soon for Windows PC.