Watch: Final Fantasy VII Remake's Full Demo Intro Leaks

Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of 2020's most anticpated games, and fans are eager to finally get their hands on it come next March. That said, there has been a heavily rumored demo coming for the game, but Square Enix nor PlayStation have ever officially confirmed one. It seems we just got yet another confirmation it's on the way though thanks to YouTube user Lystrasza, who posted the full intro sequence for the upcoming demo, and unless it's a stellar fake, this looks to be legit. The video actually starts with the title screen of the demo, showing a purchase option in the top right corner and the whole this is a work in progress disclaimer is in the lower left-hand corner, and you can check it all out in the video above.

As you can see, the footage is gorgeous and shows Aerith's opening sequence in all its glory. We then see her look up into the sky as the camera continues to rise up and zoom out, showing the entire city of Midgard followed by the title.

We then zoom into another part of the city where fans see Barret's ragtag group, including Biggs and Wedge, followed by the debut of Cloud. Cloud leaps down in stylish fashion and then sheathes his sword, and then gameplay begins, though at this point things fade to black.

You can check out the demo's entire opening sequence in the video above.

Now, Lystrasza isn't saying how they got the footage or access to the demo this early, but they did say that it didn't require any hacking or getting past encrypted code. They also say they don't want to reveal more footage until the demo is officially released, which means they can essentially already play the entire demo at this point.

So, the question remains when will Square Enix release the demo or even officially confirm it is happening in the first place? The game releases next March, so February might be a great time to release it and win over anyone still with doubts, driving up those pre-order numbers before the big release the following month.


They could also release it in January as a cool way to kick off the new year, but either way, it won't be soon enough, because ew want to play this now!

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