Fire Emblem Heroes Is Making Hundreds of Millions On Mobile

Fire Emblem

Nintendo has seen a bit of struggle on the mobile front, with Super Mario Run making less money than projected (despite a record number of installs) and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp not quite having the staying power that the publisher was looking for. But one game that's continuing to surprise and surge forward is Fire Emblem Heroes, which stands to not only be the company's biggest mobile offering to date, but also the most popular game in the series.

Based on this report from Sensor Tower, Heroes has been doing tremendous business for the company since it launched last year. It's showing that an estimated $400 million in revenue has been generated since its release, though an exact figure wasn't given.

Again, not only is this big news for Nintendo, but the Fire Emblem franchise in general as Heroes stands to be the most popular game in the series to date. This includes the recently released Fire Emblem Warriors for Nintendo Switch, which hasn't done too bad in terms of sales.

So what does this mean? More than likely, Nintendo may take a closer look at its mobile plans for the future so that it can become more profitable. We already know that a Mario Kart game is on the way, set for release sometime in 2019 (or sooner, maybe?). Hopefully it'll maintain a strong play style while, at the same time, offering optional perks that will keep players interested. Hopefully we'll see what it has to offer soon enough.

In the meantime, don't be surprised if Nintendo continues to add new content to Heroes. Considering its staying power and its lavish but optional microtransactions, it's likely to continue sticking around on the mobile front. Who knows, maybe this will inspire the company to try something new with Zelda on mobile.


The game is set on a free-to-play basis, so if you haven't tried it yet, it doesn't hurt to give it a shot. You'll get a five-star hero right off the bat when you initially begin the game and get the opportunity to add even more if you're feeling up to it. You can download Fire Emblem Heroes now for iOS and through Google Play.