Flames of Freedom Brings Grim and Perilous Gothic Horror to the American Revolution

flames of freedom - hed
(Photo: Flames of Freedom)

A new tabletop RPG brings gothic horror, sorcery, monsters, and more to the American Revolution. Earlier today, Daniel Fox launched the Kickstarter for Flames of Freedom, a brand new tabletop RPG set in the pivotal year of 1776. While a war has broken out between the Rebel Continental Army and Loyalist Red Coats, it serves as a backdrop of sorts for a web of conspiracy and mystery that stretches across the 13 colonies. Players may find themselves searching for ghouls in Boston, looking for a Devil in the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, or fleeing the Knights Templar in Maryland. Powered by the popular Zweihander RPG ruleset, Flames of Freedom is a game that pushes players into a grim and perilous world filled with mystery, danger, and horror.

Although American history often focuses on the white army leaders and politicians who participated in the Revolution and later became known as the "Founding Fathers," one focus of Flames of Freedom is showcasing the true diversity of colonial America. The game features a range of cultures beyond the history of Europeans in America, and focuses on the true history of the American Revolution - one where people of all heritages and genders were crucial to the success of the rebellion. As the Kickstarter page notes, Flames of Freedom is not a tabletop RPG where players will discriminate against women, practice slavery, slaughter innocent people, or "tame the wilderness" of Indigenous nations. The game is one where players come together to fight in a secret war that began long before the start of the American Revolution.

Those interested in Flames of Freedom can check out a 60-page Quickstart guide available to download for free. The rules supplement contains basic rules and a short adventure set in Trenton, New Jersey. You can also check out the full Kickstarter - a $15-20 pledge will get players a PDF of the core rulebook, while a $50 pledge comes with a hard copy of the core rulebook.