Report: Following Square Enix Desertion, Hitman Season 2 Still Coming Through

, and is definitely going to happen. This is a pretty strong statement, and the site states that [...]

(Photo: IO Interactive)

You may have seen our report stating that Square Enix is looking to pawn off IO Interactive. The Hitman developer will be looking for new investors imminently, and Square Enix has marked down "extraordinary losses" to account for the releasing of IO and its games' revenues. We shed a tear, we poured one out, and we mourned that we might never actually see a second season to what turned out to be the best Hitman game we've ever played. Well, it's time to buck up.

German gaming site is reporting that things might not be all doom and gloom for Hitman after all. Gamestar is reporting (via PC Gamer) that IO Interactive will retrain the rights to the Hitman franchise when they're acquired by a new investor and publisher. Not only that, but it sounds like the next season of Hitman content is still on the way.

According to Gamestar, the second season of Hitman is already halfway to completion (that's what she said), and is definitely going to happen. This is a pretty strong statement, and the site states that it's getting its information from "reliable sources." Obviously we can't report this as fact since we haven't heard anything about season 2's progress ourselves, but we are relieved to hear that at least someone claims to know IO will pull through.

Hitman was a critical darling, and series fans ended up adoring the game, even if it did take a few episodes to really take off. The episodic format was criticized at first, but it's something that I think makes a lot of sense for the game. Each location and stage in Hitman really only opens up after you've beaten it for the first time. After completing a mission, you start unlocking additional starting points, bonus costumes and tools, and extra targets. The more times you play through a single stage, the more you end up seeing, doing, and experiencing.

If the entire game was released in one shot, the vast majority of players would end up breezing through the entire campaign, hitting every stage only once, until they saw the credits roll. This is not how you play Hitman, and the episodic format really opened up my eyes personally to how truly talented these developers are. Hopefully we'll be able report the fruition of season 2 as fact sooner than later. Stay tuned to WWG for more.