Help Test For Honor's Dedicated Servers Without Even Owning the Game

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Ubisoft is preparing to test dedicated servers for For Honor, and they’re asking for gamers to help whether they own the fighting game or not.

Since the game’s release, For Honor has been utilizing a peer-to-peer infrastructure. In a game that consists entirely of individuals, pairs, or small teams fighting in close quarters with one player eventually facing their demise thanks to a blade or a cliff, it’s easy to imagine that rage-quitting could be a problem. When you add on the P2P servers to that formula, you have a frustrating system where a losing player ruins the combat-filled match for everyone involved.

But starting this week, the transition to dedicated servers is finally underway. Ubisoft announced their plans for testing the new servers on Reddit and said that players don’t even have to own the game in order to help out.

“Since July, when we announced For Honor would be moving from its Peer-to-Peer infrastructure to a Dedicated Servers model, our development team has been working tirelessly to implement the system you’ve been hoping for. We’ve already performed hundreds of hours of testing internally and externally, and now are ready to take the next step. So begins our Open Test, a 4 day long, multi-platform stress test happening simultaneously on all platforms, including Steam. You don’t even need to own For Honor to participate in putting our new architecture to the test, so tell your friends!”


The test build that can be found by following the instructions based on your platform can be preloaded on Dec. 13, and the testing phase will officially begin on Dec. 14. You’ll have until Dec. 18 to test the servers, and if you do, you’ll even be able to receive quite a few rewards. Players will earn the game’s primary currency known as Steel, loot crates, and will even have the chance to earn some real-world items such as concept art, clothing, and statues.

Full details on the test period and what all players will be able to test on the dedicated servers can be found through an extensive FAQ that lists all the rewards and how to earn them.