For Honor Roadmap Shows What's Coming in Year 4 Season 1

For Honor's next season has arrived, and with it comes a bunch of new content including a battle pass that promises rewards to players as they perform throughout the season. To cover the spread of what'll be released throughout the next couple of weeks during Year 4 Season 1, a season called "Hope," Ubisoft shared a roadmap to preview what's to come. Weekly quests, unique events, and trials where players can try out different heroes are just a few of the things to look forward to throughout the rest of the month.

The trailer shared below introduces players to the game's newest progression system. Like pretty much every other game that routinely gets updated with fresh content, For Honor now has a battle pass. It comes with a bunch of different items and is available in both a free and premium version, so if you think you'll be sticking around For Honor throughout the current season and want to get as much loot as possible, it's worth checking out.

These awards granted from the premium version of the battle pass will unlock some things for all heroes, so you won't have to worry about your main heroes being left out every time.

"Premium Battle Pass owners will unlock statue signature series for all available heroes," Ubisoft said. "Play your way through 100 tiers to earn the rest of the unique items that are part of the premium pass including the tales of Wyverndale effect, the Herald of Wyverndale battle outfit, dragon-themed weapons and an epic execution for all heroes."

Similar to other battle passes, you can see what you'll get through both the premium and free versions by visiting the For Honor site.


Outside of the battle pass, there's more to look forward to throughout the season as illustrated in the roadmap shown above. There's a free trial for all heroes going on now until February 13th with numerous events following it afterwards. February 14th will also mark the anniversary of For Honor, so expect some festivities to take place around that time.

For Honor Year 4 Season 1 is currently underway with the battle pass live.