For Honor Season 3 Tribute Mode Now Live

The next wave of Season 3 for Ubisoft's For Honor title has kicked off once more on September 15th, and with the new phase comes a new mode. Despite the rocky start for the historically driven PvP game, the developers behind For Honor have been continuously pushing new updates for those playing to enjoy. The latest is the mode called Tribute.

The new Tribute mode will be in a 4v4 setting that pits Vikings, Samurai, and Knights once again on the battlefield. In this mode, two teams will face off to control three points of the map called Offerings. This capture-the-flag style will be familiar for players as they are tasked with bringing the Offerings back to their team's shrine. Capture all three, and the match is yours.

Each Offering provides a different blessing as described in the Ubiblog:

Vindicator Blessing: Gives your whole team a boost to attack, as well as a speed boost when carrying an Offering and faster interaction when stealing an Offering.

Guardian Blessing: Gives your whole team a small regenerating shield, as well as slowing enemy interaction when they try to steal your team's Offering.

Oracle Blessing: Increases the awareness of your whole team. This includes showing, both in-world and on the radar, the location of an Offering carrier and the whole enemy team.

"While you might think you need to fully focus on speed, you'll find out quickly that having a tank on your team can be key since they will play a good part of your defense strategy. Having someone who stays at home and can keep opponents away from your hard-earned Offering is a good thing."


This mode will be available on the Canyon, Cathedral, Forest, Shipyard, Tower Ruin, and Viking Village maps. The Tribute Mode in For Honor is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.