Fortnite Chapter 2 Is Totally Filled With Bots

After a brief black hole hiatus over the weekend, the world's most popular battle royale is back [...]

After a brief black hole hiatus over the weekend, the world's most popular battle royale is back with a brand new map and some exciting features. Fortnite Chapter 2 launched on all systems -- mobile included -- early Tuesday morning, revealing completely different map, drivable boats, additional characters, and plenty more. It also looks like Epic Games has also loaded the game with low-level bots. Just load up Fortnite Chapter 2 real quick, and you'll see exactly what we're talking about.

Once the update for Fortnite is installed and you open the game, the Chapter 2 launch trailer will play and immediately throw you into a new solo match. You don't have a chance to select any outfits or customizable anything, nor do you enter into any sort of matchmaking area. You're simply dropped into the new map right off the bat. This should be the first clue that something isn't totally normal.

The game itself works the same way as before: The weapons are to be collected and the storm slowly moves in on you. There's even a tutorial to help you with some of the new features in the game, such as weapon workbenches and hiding in dumpsters. However, when you finally cross paths with another player, it's clear that you're not actually facing off against real players.

Each and every opponent you'll face in that first game is walkthrough level easy. They don't build very much, they don't pay attention to anything around them, and it's nearly impossible for them to shoot you. Once bullets begin flying past you there is more than enough time for you to turn, select a weapon, and take out the opponent that's been staring you down for at least 10 seconds. They're incredibly easy to take out, giving you a slew of kills throughout your first game in Chapter 2.

There's no reason why you won't win your debut in Fortnite's sequel. Just get on Twitter and search #FirstDrop. Look at the screenshots and videos being posted by other players. Everyone is winning their first game. A victory gives you a couple of special unlocks, including the exclusive Chapter 2 victory umbrella, and it seems like that's an item everyone will have pretty soon.

The launch game of Chapter 2 is specifically designed to give everyone a win out of the gate, reinvigorating your excitement for Fortnite. This is common in mobile games but much less so in console adventures. That said, it seems to be working well for Epic Games so far, as everyone under the sun is on Twitter talking about getting a Victory Royale in their first time back. Even if you haven't played the game in months, you'll jump in with a win and think you're on top of the world, once again a great player that can take on any competition.

All we're saying is this: Temper your expectations. Not every game will be like this first one, and you'll probably lose the second, third, and fourth games you play today, likely more and more down the road. Savor this victory while you can. Enjoy the bots while they last.

Fortnite Chapter 2 is now available on all systems.