New 'Fortnite' Content Update Scheduled for Next Week

Fortnite has another update scheduled to release that’ll add more content during Epic Games’ [...]

Fortnite has another update scheduled to release that'll add more content during Epic Games' holiday break.

Releasing the first of three different content updates on Sunday, Epic Games added Presents to the battle royale game and put that same item in the Creative Mode where players have been building interesting designs and structures. Returning Limited Time Modes were also brought back alongside the update, and it was through that release that Epic Games confirmed the timing of the next content update.

In a post on Reddit where Epic Games revealed what's changed in the Disco Domination LTM that returned on Sunday, Epic Games community coordinator Sean "MrPopoTFS" replied to a user who applauded one of the changes and asked when the next content update would be released. The community coordinator confirmed that the next of the three content updates would be releasing in one week with the update dropping next Sunday on December 30th.

"Thanks! The next v7.10 Content Update is planned for this coming Sunday," the Epic Games employee said on Reddit.

These content updates don't require any downtime for players since there's no client update involved, Epic Games confirmed in a previous tweet about the update.

These new and returning LTMs aren't tied to the content updates though with Epic Games saying it would rotate them out frequently. The Slide LTM was one of the new ones the developer implemented, a game mode that caused players to have reduced friction and slide around the map, but it's already been replaced by Disco Domination and Sniper Shootout.

Disco Domination has changed slightly since the last time players saw it though, those changes being the entire purpose of Epic Games' initial post. Holiday music and decorations fill the dance floors and the storm's damage and shrink time has also been changed, all of those LTM adjustments listed below.

  • New holiday music & decorations have been added to the Dance Floors​​​​​​​
  • The center Dance Floor has been removed​​​​​​​
  • Players will now gain health & shields when dancing on a Dance Floor that their team controls​​​​​​​
  • Eliminated players now drop both materials and ammunition​​​​​​​
  • Storm shrink time lowered to 30s, to minimize scoring downtime​​​​​​​
  • Storm damage lowered to 1 for circles two and three​​​​​​​

Fortnite's latest content update is now live with the next one scheduled to release on December 30th.