DJ Khaled and Megan Fox to Battle in Fortnite in Upcoming Livestream

Fortnite has taken on a life of its own in recent years, with the popular Battle Royale game [...]

Fortnite has taken on a life of its own in recent years, with the popular Battle Royale game earning an ever-growing number of celebrity fans. On Monday, the latest high-profile Fortnite game was officially announced — and it involves two unexpected entertainers. Jennifer's Body star Megan Fox and musician DJ Khaled will be going head-to-head in a virtual Fortnite match, as part of a partnership with LG Electronics USA's OLED TVs. The match will be live-streamed on Wednesday, May 12th at 8/7c, and will be the first in a string of Celebrity Gaming Showdowns as part of the new Only on OLED campaign.

The 90-minute match between Fox and Khaled will be livestreamed via the Twitch channel of professional esports team Evil Geniuses. Throughout the match-up DJ Khaled will be coached by Evil Geniuses talent Justin "FearItSelf" Kats and Megan Fox will be supported by legendary Evil Geniuses Counter-Strike coach Wilton "Zews" Prado.

"Only on OLED is the only place you'll find a gaming event like this. It brings together the moments people love - gaming, sports, movies - all in one place," Khaled said in a statement. "You have to experience LG OLED- I couldn't imagine a better TV than the OLED to play this video game against Megan Fox on."

"I've spent a lot of hours gaming over the years but playing on LG OLED is like an entirely new experience," Fox echoed. "When I was asked to join the Only on OLED gaming showdown against DJ Khaled there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity. Playing on LG OLED makes you feel like an esports pro…even though you're clearly not."

Following the gaming competition, LG TV owners will have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes moments, additional content from the Ultimate Gaming Showdown plus the ability to watch it whenever they'd like on LG's exclusive FOMO Channel app. Future Celebrity Gaming Showdown participants and battles will be announced throughout the year. Additional content through Only on OLED will include exclusive sports and movie experiences, including behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming Warner Bros. films.

"LG OLED TVs deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience into your home. The Only on OLED program embraces the entertainment passion points of our consumers taking them beyond the actual movie, sporting event or gaming play with never-before-seen events and behind-the-scenes content best experienced on OLED TVs," Peggy Ang, LG's Senior Vice President of Marketing, said in a statement.

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