New Fortnite x Dragon Ball Details Leak Ahead of Rumored Crossover

Fortnite's most well-known leakers and dataminers still seem pretty positive that a Dragon Ball collaboration is on the way, and this week, we may have gotten some new details related to this rumored event. Those details include a release window which suggests the crossover will be out later in August as well as some news on what additional characters besides Goku might be represented as far as Fortnite outfits go.

The latest on the rumored collab comes from MidaRado, a Twitter user focused on Fortnite news and, most recently, the Dragon Ball rumors. MidaRado said on Thursday that the Dragon Ball collab will supposedly be releasing "at the end of August" while citing unnamed sources with that info.

Not long after that, others pondered what this crossover might look at and imagined how it would be if players had both a Goku skin and a Vegeta skin to acquire with Gogeta and Vegeto skins unlockable should both of those base ones be owned. MidaRado replied only with a thinking face emoji which has led others including fellow Fortnite news sharer HYPEX to believe that Goku and Vegeta skins are a given for this event.

HYPEX also reiterated past details about the event which suggested that there will be four skins included in this crossover. There's no way a Dragon Ball crossover could omit Goku, so that's one skin accounted for. Vegeta isn't a bad guess for a second, so that could be two skins already if that prediction is accurate. Fusions aren't the worst guess in the world, but given how there are so many alternate forms out there for the Saiyans, it seems likely we'll see different Super Saiyan powerups added as alternate styles.

Like everything else about this event, however, that's all speculation at this point given that Epic Games hasn't officially announced anything just yet. While Goku is a safe bet for whatever may come, the August release window seems similarly likely given that the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie is scheduled to come out next month.