Fortnite Expected to be Epic Games' Most Successful Game

Epic Games' Fortnite has done extremely well since its release, so much so that it’s on track to [...]


Epic Games' Fortnite has done extremely well since its release, so much so that it's on track to be the company's most successful title yet.

Releasing just over a month ago in July, the survival game received an unexpected level of interest from gamers that prompted quick server maintenance and communication from Epic Games. Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, says that after already selling 1 million units so far, Fortnite is on its way to being a major milestone for Epic Games.

"It's on track to be Epic's most successful game ever by the end of the year," Sweeney told GamesBeat in an interview. "Several times more users than we expected came in. We had to really scramble to keep the servers running at that scale. It was great experience."

But not one to be stuck on the initial success of the game without moving forward, Sweeney added that they still have tons of plans for future content.

"This is just the very beginning," the CEO added. "We have a bunch more game modes coming, which should be interesting and innovative. The whole aspect of building in Fortnite creates a really different dynamic compared to most games. Building structures, defending them, you can imagine all the multiplayer implications."

With the game releasing in early access, it makes the quick rise in player interest even more impressive. Sweeney said that they considered several options when releasing the game, but early access seemed like the prime avenue to take.

"It's an area where developers have a lot of territory to explore," Sweeney said about the early access format. "Early access is one option. Free-to-play is another option. There's a wide range of possibilities. It's expensive to build a game on this scale now, and it's imperative that we find ways we can pay it off."

Sweeney provided some context for how expensive the game was by saying that Fortnite was "much more expensive" than the first Gears of War game by comparison.

Fortnite is currently available in early access and can be downloaded in a few different versions on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.