Fortnite Is Giving Away Free V-Bucks for Some Players

Fortnite players who have been prevented from playing the updated version on their iOS and Mac devices may have some extra V-Bucks coming their way if they want to instead play on a different platform. Epic Games has announced that it is giving a “V-Bucks bonus” for players on the platforms currently embroiled in legal disputes with Apple with those V-Bucks then being able to be spent on any platform.

Plans for how those V-Bucks would be distributed were outlined, and players can expect to see the V-Bucks in their accounts by November 9th. The full statement from Epic Games pertaining to the V-Bucks bonuses can be seen below. For both iOS and Mac players, Epic Games explained how the process would work depending on where you purchased your V-Bucks.

The only catches with this bonus are that you have to have been playing on the iOS and/or Mac platforms to qualify and you have to have already owned some V-Bucks on those platforms are unspent. If you meet those requirements, you’ll get the bonuses described above.

While it’s true that the V-Bucks you’re getting to spend on other platforms are technically the ones you already owned which means you’re sort of getting your own money back via in-game currency, the bonus is still a welcome one given how Fortnite’s cross-progression system works. V-Bucks are cross-platform compatible in several cases, but not when it comes to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. V-Bucks you purchase on other platforms can’t be spent on those consoles, but with this bonus, the V-Bucks being distributed to players’ accounts will be usable on every platform Fortnite’s available on.

Epic Games’ V-Bucks bonuses should be in players accounts by November 9th.