'Fortnite' Exploit Lets Players Instantly Use Shields and Bandages

A new Fortnite glitch has been discovered that allows players to instantly use some Shield Potions and Bandages.

The bug requires having a Shield Potion or Bandages in your inventory, but it appears that only the actual Shield Potion that restores 50 points to your shield will work as opposed to the other versions of the item. You’ll also need the Rock Paper Scissors emote in order to consume the items without the normal delay as previewed in the video below that comes from Reddit user Tyl0o.

New glitch allows you to use Big Shields and Bandages in 1 sec from r/FortNiteBR

The Redditor elaborated on the details of the exploit in the post by explaining that there are only certain items that it’ll work with, and that the Rock Paper Scissors emote is the only one that will yield these results.

“You need Rock Paper Scissor to do the glitch,” the Redditor explained. “I've tried it with other emotes but it didn't work. It also doesn't work with Medkits and Chugs which makes the glitch super situational.”

Other users commented that you can also just crouch when using one of these two items to recreate the exploit as evidenced by this Twitch clip that shows streamer Tfue doing just that. However, there have been conflicting reports in the post that said that the streamer also used the Rock Paper Scissors emote but only had that one equipped and didn't need the emote wheel. The streamer was supposedly cancelling the emote by moving with the movement subtle enough to go unnoticed if you didn’t know he had the emote equipped.

Regardless of the details of the exploit and the steps needed to recreate it, players shouldn’t get too attached to the bug. It’ll help players survive in a heated fight, but in a future patch, the exploit will be removed. Epic Games commented on the Reddit post to confirm that the team is aware of the glitch and intends to get rid of it in the future.


“We've got ya. We're working on a fix for an upcoming patch,” Epic Games said when a user asked if the exploit had been reported on Fortnite’s Trello board that tracks ongoing issues.

The issue doesn’t appear to have made it to the Trello board yet as part of the Battle Royale Top Issues section, but Epic Games did provide a tracking number for the issue in the comment linked above. An exact patch that it’ll be fixed it wasn’t provided, but look for more info from Epic Games in the future regarding the exploit.