Fortnite Leak Reveals Green Goblin Skin

It looks like Fortnite Chapter 3 is about to get an even bigger injection of Spider-Man content. Over the course of the latest season of Fortnite, Spider-Man has been front and center in a number of ways. Not only is the skin associated with Marvel's wall-crawler one of the main offerings in the battle pass, but Fortnite also added a pair of skins to coincide with the launch of Spider-Man: No Way Home last month. If you thought the collaborations with Spidey were ending there, though, you would be wrong as one of the character's most iconic villains now seems to be heading to the battle royale shooter very soon. 

Spotted in a new leak courtesy of HYPEX, Green Goblin is now gearing up to make his way into Fortnite in the near future. In a pair of leaked screens that came about today, Green Goblin's look in Fortnite was revealed. The first of two images that was shown for "Gobby" highlighted his appearance via an in-game loading screen. The second then showed off his actual character model that should be appearing in Fortnite. The version of Green Goblin that will be coming to the game is very similar to the original look that the character had when first appearing in Amazing Spider-Man comics. 

While the addition of Green Goblin's skin in Fortnite might be a big deal on its own, it looks like he'll also come with a few unique items as well. Based on the loading screen that has been shown, a Green Goblin pickaxe that features the same look as his Pumpkin Bombs should also be available to purchase in-game. Additionally, it seems like his own unique glider will be coming about as well. 

For now, the one thing that we still don't know about Green Goblin in Fortnite comes with his actual arrival date. Given that this leak came about today, though, he should be showing up in the Item Shop quite soon. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop moving forward here on

What do you think about this new Green Goblin skin that is heading to Fortnite? Are you going to look to pick this up for yourself once it hits the Item Shop? Let me know either down in the comments or on Twitter at @MooreMan12.