'Fortnite' Hotfix Makes Mounted Turrets Harder to Find

Epic Games released a Fortnite hotfix that reduced the availability of the Mounted Turret weapon [...]

Epic Games released a Fortnite hotfix that reduced the availability of the Mounted Turret weapon in all default modes.

Mounted Turrets are one of the latest additions to Fortnite, the item classified as a Legendary trap that lets players prop up a turret where they wish. The turrets have been a point of contention within online discussions since they were added with some players suggesting that they were too strong, though those kinds of observations often follow the addition of a new item.

It seems Epic Games did think the Mounted Turret was too strong though seeing how it released a hotfix that made the trap harder to find. Sharing the news of the hotfix on Twitter and Reddit, Epic Games explained what's different now that the hotfix is live.

"We've reduced the availability of the Mounted Turret in all default modes (Solo, Duos, Squads)," Epic Games said. "Drop in now and continue sending us your feedback."

The hotfix that nerfed the item isn't even the first one that Epic Games has released since the Mounted Turret became available. Just after it was released, Epic Games shared an announcement that included notes for a much more deliberate Mounted Turret nerf that took off a collective 4,400 health from different parts of the turret's pieces.

Since its release, players have shared various examples of the turret's power while commenting on how the hitbox gives its users a disproportionate advantage. The clip below showed a player racking up more than 10 kills from using the turret while taking barely any damage themselves. Such killstreaks are made possible since the Mounted Turret has unlimited ammo, though it still runs the risk of being overheated if players don't use it carefully. Any player can use the Mounted Turret once it's been placed though, so if you can knock someone out of it, it's yours for the taking.

Fortnite's Mounted Turrets appear to be here to stay in the game for the time being, though it remains to be seen if Epic Games will have more nerfs planned for them in the future based on players' responses.