Fortnite Players Have Already Learned How to Build Inside Tilted Town

Fortnite Season X has officially been underway for nearly a week, bringing with it many changes to the popular Battle Royale title. While the talk of the town is centered around the new mechs available to players, this is certainly not the only big thing that Epic has planned for the game. In fact, the latest Fortnite update to arrive has brought one of the biggest changes to the map, transforming Neo Tilted into Tilted Town, a place that does not allow players to build or destroy the environment. However, as it is with many other aspects in the title, some have already found their way around these restrictions.

When players drop into the Fortnite map, they will notice that a giant dome is surrounding the Tilted Town area. Once inside, players are unable to build or farm for materials, and must rely on gunplay in order to make it out alive. However, there is a way to build inside of the dome, as pointed out by the FNBRLeaks Twitter account, who shared it from Javas, in the video below. Essentially, a player just needs to build into the dome where one platform is half-in. Edit the platform to remove a corner that is inside of the dome and allow the edit to push you in. Once inside, if you are still in a regular skin, it worked and you can now build throughout Tilted Town.

That said, there is another way to begin building in Tilted Town that has also been discovered. As can be seen in the video below, all one has to do is get themselves a hoverboard. Once you approach the dome, stop and then begin to shoot your way in. Upon crossing through the Tilted Town barrier, if your skin is the same as it was beforehand, it has worked and you can now build inside of the no-building zone.

It's unknown if Epic has any plans to fix either of these glitches, or if they will just abide by the rules of the old west to fit the overall them of Tilted Town to begin with. Either way, if you happen to come across another player that is a normal Fortnite skin, you might want to think twice about engaging with them.


Fortnite is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. For more on the wildly popular Battle Royale title, including what is new in Season X, check out some of our previous coverage.

Thanks, Polygon.