'Fortnite': Here's How to Get the Infinity Blade

A new Fortnite update is here and though it's smaller than previous weeks, it does offer something [...]


A new Fortnite update is here and though it's smaller than previous weeks, it does offer something cool that players can try out! Epic Games revealed their new sword that's "fit for a king" with the new Infinitely Blade, but you're going to have to work to get it.

According to Epic Games:

  • This Mythic melee weapon can be found on Polar Peak.
  • Primary Fire delivers a powerful sword slash. It deals big damage to enemies and destroys structures in one blow (75 damage to players).
  • Alternate Fire allows the player to leap great distances, destroying objects in its path. Upon landing, it delivers damage and a knock-up to nearby players (25 damage).
  • The wielder of the sword is also granted additional abilities:
    • An increased pool of max Health and Shields (200 Health/200 Shields).
    • Regeneration of effective Health over time up to max Health and Shields (1 HP per second).
    • An instant burst of effective Health upon elimination of an enemy (50 HP).
    • Increased movement speed (130%).
  • The first player to pull the Infinity Blade from its pedestal will be instantly healed to full Health and Shields.
  • If a player picks up the Infinity Blade, all other inventory items aside from building materials will be dropped.
  • When the wielder of the Infinity Blade picks up an item (aside from building materials), the Infinity Blade will be dropped.
  • The Infinity Blade will be dropped when the wielder is knocked out or eliminated.
  • Only one Infinity Blade will appear per match.

Just like the Infinity Gauntlet during the Marvel Avengers event last year, the sword itself will randomly generate but if you already see a player with it - target them. You don't even have to land the kill to get it, simply knock them out and claim the power for yourself.

It will be tough, though. Again just like with the Gauntlet, the Infinity Blade will give players an insane amount of protection sure you're going to need to be strategic with how you go about taking them on. Traps, heavy artillery, and a good 'ol fashioned ambush will be your best bet.

Fortnite is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and select mobile devices. What did you think about Epic Games' latest season so far? What do you hope to see from the studio in the future? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!

For more about the new season:

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