'Fortnite' Ice Storm Challenges Now Available As Snow Covers the Entire Map

All week we've been following the various leaks that hinted at a new Ice King event coming soon and now it's here and brings with it zombies and a new set of challenges for Battle Royale players to take on.

The first set of the challenges for the Ice Storm event are now live, beginning with a task to destroy Ice Fiends while using explosive weapons to deal some massive damage to the Legion:

new challenges

With the new event comes a few interesting map changes including total snow coverage and a mysterious fog that is looming about. When the challenges unlocking every day, we know this is just the beginning with many more surprises along the way for a chance to earn a special reward.

Similar to that of the 14 Days of Fortnite challenge, the Ice Storm challenges will also be a daily feat. Instead of 14 days however, this even will last 13 and will offer daily incentives to complete each task before the final reward is awarded to dedicated players.

As for the event itself, check out the epic way it commenced in the short clip below:


Players were pretty stoked to have something new to look forward to, with many sharing their own views of the latest event:

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