Fortnite: Epic Games Addresses Matchmaking Concerns Regarding Consoles Using Mouse and Keyboard

The biggest roadblock concerning crossplay, at least among the gamers themselves, is the [...]

The biggest roadblock concerning crossplay, at least among the gamers themselves, is the controversy as to whether or not the ability to use a mouse and keyboard was unfairly advantageous when put in a match with traditional console controller users. Since the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Fortnite offers mouse and keyboard support, which was recently revamped with the latest patch, many were concerned that the playing field just got a little bit more unbalanced. Luckiliy Epic Games realises this and they addressed fan concerns via Reddit.

In a recent Reddit thread, an Epic Games rep took to the forums to let players know that they are working on a way to make the peripheral match-up more fair. 'JustMooney1' said, "We're actually working on some matchmaking tech, on the way, that'll pair you against folks based on your choice of peripherals. More info on this coming next week, but tl;dr if you're on KB+M you'll be against KB+M."

Instantly fans were excited to hear this with many citing they were relieved to see that Epic Games was acknowledging the potential for an unfair advantage. In another comment, another Epic Games rep mentioned that though they have nothing specific to reveal at this time, more info would be publicly shared as early as next week to address common questions they get about the different ways available to play.

With Fortnite being one of the most accessible games in the market right now, including mobile and Nintendo Switch versions of the popular online game, it makes sense that making sure that the actual base mechanics work well for all. But each platforms plays very different, which makes the balancing act between all of them a slippery slope. Hopefully we'll learn more about their new mechanics with next week's update, but it does bring up a solid point: Is this the biggest downfall to cross-platform play? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!

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