Fortnite Leaks Reveal Aliens Xenomorph Skin and More

After a tease yesterday involving a new portal, it turns out fans were right about its Alien ties. That's because this morning a new leaked image spotlighted two new Alien themed skins coming to the game, including a Xenomorph and the hero of the franchise, Ripley (via @Altynbek788 and @ShiinaBR). The Xenomorph looks pretty impressive actually, complete with that creepy mouth in a mouth thing that still weirds me out to this day, and Ripley sports a cartoonish but still rather accurate likeness to Sigourney Weaver from the films. You can check out both of the new Alien offerings in the image below.

Many have wondered what the extra-large cosmetic teased in the game's files would end up being, and it would seem the Xenomorph is the answer. The only other character defined this way to this point has been Thanos, though he was only available for a limited time and could not be purchased separately.

Aliens joins several other high-profile crossovers with classic action franchises lately, as the Predator has joined the game as well, and one of the more recent additions was revealed to be Terminator, which included Sarah Connor and T-800 skins. There is a whole vibe happening it would seem, and if we're honest, I'm good with it.

Why you ask? Well, it would seem like the next logical step from here is skins from Rambo, Die Hard, and Escape From New York. Rambo, John McClane, and Snake Plissken all fit the similar vibe here, and while there is a Bandolier outfit already in Fortnite, it isn't an official Rambo skin with Sylvester Stallone's likeness, so it doesn't count.

Oh, and if you already have deals for Stallone and Kurt Russell's likeness, well, why not a Tango and Cash set? OH! And if we're going down a crazy rabbit hole, why not jump to the ridiculously amazing stylings of Miami Vice for a two-pack featuring Sonny and Rico. Plus then I'm one step closer to a Nash Bridges set, but I digress.


No word on when the Aliens set will drop, but it will likely be today or this week sometime, so be on the lookout.

What do you think of the Xenomorph and Ripley, and who do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments!