Fortnite Item Shop Update Teases More Marvel Skins

Fortnite's last season ended with much more than a bang with its Marvel-themed conclusion sending players into the current Zero Point season. However, it appears as though the game might have some more Marvel content on the way, and that content may come sooner rather than later. It's been noticed that the game's Marvel section of the Item Shop has been updated which appears to indicate either old skins or new ones will soon find their way into the rotation of cosmetics.

Twitter user ShiinaBR who's known for sharing Fortnite news and leaks noted the change that happened to the in-game Item Shop this week on social media. The Fortnite news source said that the Marvel shop section had been modified, a change that followed the game's latest update. As one might conclude from such an occurrence, the only likely reason the Marvel section would be adjusted would be that Epic Games has further plans for it that had to be prepped for.

What those plans are remain to be seen, but players have some ideas of what might happen. A new portal codenamed "SmallFry" has led some to suggest that the next crossover skin could be Ant-Man, but that's only a theory at this time. Other crossover skins from this current season have been introduced through portals, but not all of them were released that way. The Flash was released unceremoniously during this season, for example, with no portals needed.

The Item Shop update could also very well indicate that some of the older Marvel skins will be brought back for purchase again instead of new ones being added. Marvel skins from the last season and seasons prior have been some of the most talked about cosmetics in the game, so it makes sense that they'd be brought back for limited windows to give players another chance to secure them if they don't already own the skins.

Of course, for those following along with Epic Games' plans with Marvel, it shouldn't be surprising to imagine Marvel making another appearance this season. Epic Games' Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard said late last year that there were still "many years" of Marvel content planned for Fortnite, so whatever comes next, it certainly won't be the end of the collabs.


Updated to correctly establish connections between Fortnite's portals and past Marvel skins.