Fortnite Disables Overpowered My Hero Academia Item

Fortnite's new Chapter with its many crossovers such as one with My Hero Academia got off to a strong start, but in recent days, it seems like at least part of the latest update was too strong. Specifically, it looks like the in-game component of the My Hero Academia collab – the Deku Smash item – has been disabled due to its power. Epic Games confirmed that in part by saying that the item had indeed been disabled, but we haven't gotten a confirmation on why, exactly, the item was disabled.

Players were alerted to the absence of the My Hero Academia item this week thanks to an update from the game's Fortnite Status Twitter account. All it said, however, was that the item had been removed from the game "due to an issue."

If you ask players on social media what that issue was, they'll probably say that it's because the item was overpowered. Since it was added, people have been showing off clips like the one below that showed what the item looked like in action against other players. It deals a ton of damage and has the potential to one-shot somebody, though it has quite the windup. Still, players have been saying that the weapon is overpowered, so those who were in that camp will be happy to see it gone.

Another theory is that the weapon was removed due to photosensitivity concerns. Reports of this issue affecting the item have been around for as long as the complaints about the weapon's power with people posting on Reddit and on other social media platforms to criticize the excessive flashing lights associated with the item while warning other players of potential effects Deku Smash may have on others.

If Epic Games is calling the removal of this item something that's related to an "issue," it's probably the latter in this case if we're looking for a reason as to why it was removed. That doesn't mean that both problems with Deku Smash can't be true, however, so when it's brought back, it wouldn't be surprising to see both a nerf as well as some adjustments to the visual effects.